going to bed

Date: 2/12/2017

By Marvin10

It's about 11.30pm and I am in a house that is unfamiliar to me. I think I have been watching tv but not sure. Anyway I'm looking to go to bed and I am going around the house closing curtains and switching off lights. I go to one big window and I see the moon behind clouds and something moving across the sky. My first thought is it's an eclipse because it is going to pass directly in front of the moon. Then I realise that it can't be an eclipse because it is night time. Anyway it is just a balloon so I continue to close curtains and switch off lights. Then I go to another window and Debbie is outside and she is washing the window. I think that she can't see me so I go "BOO". She just lets out a little sarcastic giggle.