Gymnastics, dream journaling within a dream, and smashing bones

Date: 7/22/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm at a gymnastics place, which is on top of a mountain. There are people I used to do gymnastics with irl, but they've all been doing it since I quit many years ago, so they are really good and I am decidedly not. There's this big course set up, where you do a routine, except it's like all the events in one, and there are parts that aren't even normal gymnastics events. One girl goes, and I decide to follow behind, mimicking all her actions. Starts off on high bar (not a women's event) except it's just a long row of them all and you do flips between them as you move down the line. I don't think I do it as good as her, but I never fall or anything. Then, this continuous course thing weaves outside. Somewhere along the way we end up strapped into a harness for like ziplining sort of thing. She takes off down the hill, and I'm in awe. Once I know she's far enough that I won't run into her, I take off down the hill. I can't even explain to you how amazing it felt. I was flying down the hill/mountain on my stomach (like Tris in Divergent, except I really couldn't feel the harness at all). There's a pond and some farmlike buildings down there, and the setting sun made everything beautiful (golden hour) I felt totally and completely free. I remember thinking to myself "remember this feeling, don't ever forget it. Maybe if you can remember it well enough you'll be able to dream about it later and relive it." Genius. Not like this is already a dream or anything, self. There's a line of trees ahead with a bunch of telephone wires going through. The girl in front of me heads right into them, doing al kinds of flips and stuff between them without touching the wires (the closer you could get without touching, the more points you'd get). I decide that I'd rather take my own route so I veer to the left towards a big orange leafed tree that was very autumnal looking. I wanted my flying part to last longer, so that's why I took a longer route. Eventually I circle back around to where she is, and I have like a little narrator voice (hers) in my head that's telling me the next moves in the routine. I execute them all flawlessly, ducking between telephone wires and shooting through a dozen of them all at once, never touching. When I eventually land, everyone is congratulating the other girl for such a flawless routine. I'm kinda ticked because I literally just did the exact same thing as her and no one cares. This girl that I didn't like from my gymnastics days irl comes over and tells me to work on my high bar skills. She's trying to force me onto this one that they train on (there's another gym at the base of the mountain) and I get really mad. I'm afraid of the high bar (actually fairly true) and really don't like her forcing me to do it. I storm out, saying that I'm quitting, that I understand again why I always hated gymnastics so much. (Because of the people--and this is also true) I go to the waiting area, for parents waiting to pick up their kids and whatnot, and luckily no one is there. I find a journal in my bag, and then I crouch up in a corner. My goal is to dream journal, and write down my dreams from before. As Im journaling, I'm remembering parts of my dreams from earlier in the night. There was one where I was in an airport or similar building. I'm with friends and we are looking for a yoga/excercise class that's in a room somewhere. We eventually find the place after some searching, and after a bit the class gets underway. I don't remember what the first pose/excercise was, but I know that when I first started to attempt it, my chest started to feel weird. Like something was wrong with my heart. I couldn't really breathe either. But I was committed to doing good in this class, I liked the instructor guy and I wanted to impress him. After a minute he comes over, noticing that I'm clearly having problems. He looks at me for a few seconds, asks me a couple questions about how I'm feeling--to which I responds that "oh I'm totally fine" as i wheeze and nearly black out--and he calls his friend over who is co-instructing the class. He tells his friend that he suspects I have such and such condition, and after inspecting me more, the other guy agrees. They help me lie down--because I can't really move, I'm just stuck--and tell me to just take it easy or I might accidentally kill myself. It feels like I'm dying. The instructor is fairly worried about me, but they also have to finish their class. There was also another dream where I mixed a mint chocolate chip frappucinno with a lemon lime slushee and thought it tasted amazing. And it had something about camping, and arguing about who had to share a tent with who. Then, as I'm still dream journaling in the gymnastics place, I start to remember another dream, but I'm not sure if it was an actual dream I'd had, or if it was just a lead in to the next dream. Half the time in this new dream it felt like I was watching flashbacks or memories, like rewatching my past dreams, but it was also quit first person and immediate, as though a current dream. Not sure if that makes sense but anyway. I'm with a guy, I'm not sure who he was, but we were friends in the dream. There's a school bus/armored truck up ahead. There's a crazy guy inside, holding a bunch of kids hostage. Me and my friend know just what to do--we just experienced his exact same scene the day before. I have these flashback of memory (this is where I'm not sure if I was remembering my actual previous dreams or if it was just part of this one). There is a growing crowd of people around the back of the bus. They all want to force this guy (I knew it to be a group of bad guys and gals--and that they were professionals) out so they can save the kids. Me and my friend barge through the crowd with our stores of tactical gear and weapons. I remember everything going just the way I remembered it from before, down to the reactions of certain people. A whole crew of army/swat people show up, telling us they're our backup. We all start getting outfitted and arming ourselves with gas bombs and guns etc. Then, it's time to bust in. I'm not worried at all--I know exactly what the people inside are going to do, after all I've lived this before. I also know what I need to do differently to prevent the problems we'd had the last time. I'm in front, and I march past the kids, letting those behind me help them out. I'm on a mission to get these stupid bad guys. But something is wrong. There isn't a whole crew in here. There is only one guy. This isn't right--this isn't how it happened the last time. I push away the unsettling thoughts, and corner the one bad guy. I demand he tell me where the others are, and tell him to put down his weapon. He's frightened at first, but then just gives me a sick smirk. He says he doesn't know what I'm talking about. I kick him hard, and tell him to stop lying to me. The rest of my crew gets the bus/truck cleared out pretty quickly, and now they're all behind me, asking for me to explain what's going on. The bad guy starts shootings at us, and somehow he winds up on the outside of the vehicle, so there's a door between us. There are still the crowds of people standing out there, but I still fire away even though I really can't see through the supper clouded windows. Except that no ones bullets are doing anything. There aren't even holes in the door. I realize to my horror that we all have blanks in our guns. I say that I know what's really going on--that this is supposed to be a sting operation against the bad guys, but that there's supposed to be more here, not just him. The bad guy laughs. (The mob of people out there soon tackle him though, seeing that he's essentially unarmed) One of the army guys informs me that while that was the original plan, they'd called it off earlier that day. I realize that this is all just a trap. The rest of the bad guys and gals are out somewhere else, this guys is just the diversion. I barge out the back door, still really confused because I'm trying to reconcile my two timelines in my head. How can they be different, what is really going on? The army guys and my friend are trying to calm me down, but I'm inconsolably angry. This guy attacked my other guy friend (might have been my boyfriend I'm not sure) in the previous timeline, but somehow I know that he still is injured even in this one (not really sure how to explain it but it made sense in the dream) I can see bad guy strapped to a stretcher, the civilian people have given him a good beating. He isn't trying to get away. He's next to the flipped down back of the truck/bus, so I march over there, just a few feet from his head. I ask if he knows what he did. I can tell he knows, but he acts like he doesn't. I slam a boot hard into his chest, right in the collar bone. A bunch of army guys rush over, asking what I think I'm doing. I yell at them to stay back. "This is for what you did to "so and so" (can't remember the friends name from the early timeline). I kick him again, hard into his collarbone, snapping it. The guy screams out in pain. Everyone scuttles back in fear. The army guy asks again, what the hell i think I'm doing. I recount the events of the previous timeline, while seeing it in vivid flashback memories in my head. My friend from this timeline, corroborates my story, saying sullenly that they all saw the whole thing happen. In flashback: The bad guy smashes my friends collarbone. Then he shoots both my friend's feet. All the while laughing menacingly. Me and all the people in my crew are unable to do anything. I stomp on the bad dudes feet, crushing all the bones. He's screaming again. I'm boiling with anger, I don't relent. "You ruined his life. Do you think he's ever going to walk again? Do you think he can ever go back to living like normal?" I want to shoot him, but I don't have any real bullets. I settle for jabbing a hand into his already smashed collarbone, and wrench it to the side. "Now, you won't either."