Missed Soccer Tryout

Date: 7/18/2017

By ccynthia_11

I woke up at 6:43 today but I didn't have to get up until ) 8 so I went back to bed. In my dream I went inside I library that had grade 6,7,8 all in this room. They were handing out forms for tryouts. The tryouts were to happen the next day. The next day I was very happy about the tryouts. I got all packed and everything. I thought the tryouts were at are school field . Like they awalys are in school. I walked home my sister from school. Then I saw my dad bringing in Chinese food, I Remember crap soccer tryouts. I dash upstairs change as fast as humanly possible and I change. I go to the school field with my mom. I walked in and the field was empty. So me and my mom sadly walk out of our field. Then I see this girl named izzy from my school she said that the tryouts were at a field in a different city. She said that she tried to text me but she couldn't reach me.