Driving & the moon

Date: 5/4/2017

By lovelysmiles16

I got a really cool car and I began driving it around a pool party. I wanted to go to the mall but the car was small and almost touching the floor. I had to push the car with my own legs in order for it to run. As I was about to make a right turn , I heard a guy say, "is was nice to date a Chicano guy". I began to drive towards an empty rode with two guys. I believe one of them was my cousin. Then, I was playing a guessing game with two guys. We had to guess what we were thinking about. I was thinking about the moon🌙 The day before my roommate was telling me about a dream she had about the moon exploding. Later my cousin invited me to go to the river. Lastly, I was waiting for someone and I was sending them messages. I also dreamed about my parents working as custodians and my English professor. I was with my class and he was writing notes. It seems like he was writing names down. I have an English exam this morning!