Journey to the Past

Date: 6/25/2017

By EloraDanon28

In this dream I journeyed to the past and met a black woman and her little girl. I was also a little girl, and I was also black, but I knew that I was from the future somehow. In the dream, the little girl and her mother were getting whipped for something I did. I tried to step in the way and take the hits, protesting that it wasn't there fault at all, but the big man just tossed me out of the way. The little girl was crying and it made me angry. So I began yelling bloody murder at the dude, telling him I was from the future, and that in the future black people were free from slavery, and that they had as many rights as we do (whites). The mother's eyes shined with excitement, and tears began to stream down her face. "Are we really free?" "Yes," I replied, "I come from the year 2017, and black people are free to live as they please. There has even been a black president!" At that point the man with the whip really got mad at me, and he came at me. But the mother rose up and pushed him out of the way, and he stumbled back through a window and fell to the ground. The mother looked at me with pride, and began to ask questions. "How long did you sleep to come back here? Do men fly in the future? Would my husband be allowed to vote?" It was at that moment that I wished with all my heart that I could take her back with me, but unfortunately that is when I woke up.