Thanos's Space Mission

Date: 5/22/2019

By Sir_Prize

Okay so in this dream I was a part of a squad that was destined to go to space. The leader of that squad was Thanos. We learned our goals one day when all of us were in our homes, just a typical weekday, when we get a message. During the broadcast of this message I was hanging out with my robotic dog, a robotic great dane who had o name. Electronically, through some device, whatever, we get the message. The message said this: Basically we were called to go to the center of our neighborhood (we all lived in the same neighborhood coincidentally btw) and take down this slime/goo cannon. I take my robot Great Dane with me and I head on out because I’ve got nothing else better to do. So when we got to the center of our neighborhood, sure enough, there was a cannon that shot three different colors of slime. The three colors were laid out on the road. Each different color did its own thing and had its own effect when put onto human skin, etc. The colors were orange, magenta, and either green or cyan. Some radiant color like that. So anyway the guy running this cannon operation was this short bearded guy who looked shocked that all the members of my neighborhood would confront him all at once. I guess that’s what happens when you build a slime-artillery device in the middle of our damned neighborhood i suppose. But anyway my first instinct was to greet this little bearded dwarf man and ask him what this does and why he did it. He demonstrated it by firing a big hunk of cyan slime onto my dog and the dog grew a slime cannon on its back out of anger (which was pretty cool) and tried to fire back but he missed because he was struggling in the slime he got fired at with. A plane flies by and the slime that missed the dwarf man hits the plane and it goes down and explodes somewhere off the scene. Then we all get angry at the dwarf man and beat the shit out of him. Then thanos comes by and shoves us out of the way and decapitates the dwarf man with a long samurai sword that’s on fire. Then we all fall asleep suddenly. I wake up and we’re in space about to fight something. I don’t know what that something was but the silhouettes that I saw suggested there was a lot of them. Then i wake up.