Worst nightmare

Date: 6/6/2019

By wzzzuup

We were celebrating at our college.. and out of nowhere helicopters spread something on everyone... In few minutes people started acting abnormally.. they started fighting. Going insane.. that was just a start.. it's like they were forgetting who they really are .. my friend and I realised and started running to the safe place... We found an empty place where a woman serving the meal.. but people started coming in . .. so we started running... We went to our hostel to pack our bags.. I saw through window my friend started throwing her laundry and all clothes away in trash bag.. there was farm nearby and town across the farm . So we went in that direction... On the way.. we met teachers and friends all were on the mission of killing someone.. my friend accidentally touched an infected person.. and that person got angry and started following us.. we ran away .. we came across street... I couldn't escape so I was hiding ..my friend went into the building.. and stayed there.. I moved across the street alone and found people were fine there.. it was in our college area only... I went back to search my friend... He was stucked in the building.. I opened the door somehow and saw an infected eating his legs.. and other infected waiting for his turn. He was still alive.. he started sliding towards me... I couldn't handle anything anymore so I woke up