Digital art, In an abandoned house, a young girl stands in the living room with two classmates discussing Pokémon, until she suddenly becomes aware of her need to change clothes after wearing the same ones for a week.


Date: 2/12/2017

By Hikertrash48

I was my grandmas house with a two other kids from my school. At one point were just standing in the living room talking. One kid brings up the topic of Pokemon and they keep walking. I stop cause I realise I need to change clothes cause I've wore the clothes I had on for about a week. I'm then at my other grandmas (step dads mom) house. I start looking through a white cabinet she has in her kitchen trying to find something to eat. I get worried that if she sees me I'll get in trouble so I run off. I'm at my old house and a friend had asked me to put an egg in the chicken house thing so it would hatch. I was sitting in the car with my step dad and ask if it would work. He says it would and I get out of the car, I put the egg where requested and head back to the car. When I'm almost to the car my step dad drives off and I realise that now not only do I have to walk but I had left my phone in the car. I was then at church. I was doing something for something we were getting ready to do. I was walking and Brooke appears beside me. She's talking and I'm ignoring her, hoping she'll get the idea I don't want to talk to her. So she then tries to run down the hallway but Diana stops her. She scolds her and says that she's told her this several times.

AI generated interpretation Based on the content of your dream, it appears to be depicting feelings of abandonment, anxiety, and a desire to avoid confrontation. The setting of your grandma's house with two other kids from your school suggests a familiar and possibly comfortable environment. However, the mention of Pokemon and your realization that you need to change clothes may indicate a desire for change or new experiences. Wearing the same clothes for a week could symbolize feeling stagnant or stuck in a routine. Moving to your stepdad's mom's house, the fear of getting in trouble when looking for something to eat in the cabinet suggests a sense of anxiety or fear of judgment. This could represent a fear of stepping out of line or making mistakes in your waking life. The scene with the egg at your old house indicates a task or responsibility given to you by a friend. Your stepdad driving off without you and leaving your phone behind may reflect a feeling of being left behind or forgotten. It could also represent a fear of losing or being disconnected from something important to you, such as communication or support. Lastly, being at church and trying to avoid Brooke's conversation may suggest a desire to avoid conflict or uncomfortable interactions. Your attempt to ignore her and hoping she gets the hint signifies a wish for boundaries or distance from someone in your waking life. Diana's intervention and scolding Brooke may reflect a need for external support or guidance in managing interpersonal relationships. Overall, this dream reveals unconscious feelings of abandonment, anxiety, and a desire to avoid confrontation or discomfort in your waking life. It may be helpful to reflect on these themes and evaluate if there are any underlying issues or relationships that need attention.