Date: 5/9/2017

By mouse

It was 3 am and my mom starts blaring music.. The neighbor gets mad and comes over and comes inside somehow and my mom starts apologizing profusely. She makes up this excuse about how there was a turtle inside our house that we couldnt get rid of and we had to scare it off. And also throw it over the fence? The neighbor doesnt say anything and just leaves... She thought my mom was a robot I was gardening in public and I overheard this woman telling her friend about how she wants to send her 6 year old son to therapy and get him antidepressants because he's been depressed since he was 4 years old. I listen for awhile, but eventually she starts to freak me out and I tell her- as someone who was depressed as a child, antidepressants would have been a horrible idea. I say that my depression would have been cured had my mom left my abusive father and she starts crying and thanks me.