Date: 2/16/2017

By Aunruh

It started off a little bit like Halloween. I was walking behind two people, one was a man, one was a woman, we were heading downhill into a townhouse/duplex. The two people in front of me were wearing "scary" masks. The girl wanted to ring the doorbell and scare whoever anwsered. The boy thought it was hilarious, and gave me a mask, and told me i should sneak up and scare the girl right after she scares the doormen. I put the mask on, its a green alien mask, and when the door opens the girl jumps out at whoever anwsered, then turns, laughing, to see me standing right beside her. This scared her. But we all thought it was funny. We go inside its a long hallway of many rooms. White walls, white doors. But the inside of the rooms are dark and only lit by the hallway lights. I go inside a room where a couple of kids i presumably know are laying on two mattresses set up on either side of the room. It was night time, they were going to sleep. I scared a little boy that was pretending to go to sleep nearest to the door. The dream changed a little but i was still in the same duplex, the same room, but i took the mask off and set it aside, and wanted to listen to some music. Everyone in the duplex, even the children, it was mostly children, wore or was wearing headphones and i needed some. I find some white ones but they dont work, then i found some orange ones that looked like theyde been stolen and worn by a little kid. I put them in and listen to music. I dont know how but i found a book, which had clues in it I guess, as to what I was. The object of the book was to help figure that out. I dont fully remember some of the clues, but I remember that there were times when I felt like it was trying to tell me i was something i wasnt. The ones reading the book were like parental figures, and while they read it and tried to piece it together, i was listening to music and watching a train go by in the hallway. They came to the end of the book and they made a comment about a clue, the last clue, which was something along the lines of "you dont realize it exists but it does". My mind instantly thought of ghosts, and i thought that maybe i was a ghost, and felt panicked. The book showed a picture of a word, and inside the word was a brick arch, two lumps made the arch. The name at the end of the book was who I am, what i am, everything. And i thought it was going to say "ghost" but it didnt. The word had a lower case "g" in it, but it wasnt ghost. And then i figured it out, and the parental father figure was beside me when i did. The word said Ginn. With two "n"s. That was who i was. And there was a picture at the bottom underneath of a woman, a man, and a little boy, holding hands heading to the brick arch ahead of them where the sun shined through from the other side.