the duck dream

Date: 3/23/2017

By hommieblobfish

I had this dream a long time ago but I might as well journal it. it starts in my backyard when I walk out to the backyard when I saw a giant yellow and orange billed mamma duck! it was as large as an adult! it was just walking around with a white cloth. and I thought to myself "I wonder where the eggs are". so as I thought that I tried to sit on the swing. but there was no swing. instead I sat on her nest of eggs destroying them. oops! and she just scrunched up her face pointing at me and stomped to the shed. so I went to the front yard and saw my dad putting are clothes on a clothes line. and guess who was coming behind me? the BIG cards duck with a six pack and on steroids! he was not happy with me so he started beating me up! suddenly I was teleported to my kitchen where a gorilla was throwing rocks at our window door. wow animals must hate me! but I let him in and told him there was a lady Bigfoot here. we went threw my mom's room through a big shoe then! we were on stage with my mom, my dad, the ducks, and the gorilla. I just sat there rolling my eyes. if you got to the end of this then congrats in in the comments put #.... I dunno what to put for a hashtag so... goodbye.