Area 51

Date: 7/28/2019

By DarkWolfGaming94

So in my my gf and I were watching youtube together. We were watching a live stream of someone going to area 51 and they were driving througha small town when it got foggy out so the youtuber and his co streamer decided to swap who drives every few hours. When they got to area 51 the video cut out. So me thinking that being suspicious decided to take a little road trip down there with my gf she told me she would catch up to me so I'm like ok. As I passed through the town as the youtubers it got foggy and my gps told me to turn a left within 10 secinds so I'm like ok. I turned the left and finally arrived at area 51 what I saw was a old abandoned airfield and some other buildings. I noticed a worker still there and so I snuck past him. As I was exploring area 51 a ufo came and beamed down a small group of aliens. Me being stupid yelled out hi to them. They turned and said we come in peace come with us. When they said that I'm like oh hell no and started to run. They kept trying to beam me up but I kept getting out of the way. I soon ran into a building and was baseball sliding and jumping over old machinery to avoid the aliens. I then got a idea and ran to the worker I saw earlier to warn him and to see if he can het us out. Yeah well no point to that he was a brainwashed zombie kinda state just going along keeping the place nice and tidy, so I figured no one is gonna miss him but in case I took his i.d. than pushed him outside in plain sight of the aliens and then ran to my chevy Silverado and drove off. On the way home I saw my gf and our former co worker walking I pulled over told the to get in and I explained what happened as I zoomed off.