Mom Told me she was dying

Date: 3/30/2018

By coll23

This dream was extremely eventful. I have no idea about the first part of it. I was walking through random buildings and sometimes my path crossed with some people I know in my waking life. It was random. I was walking with my sister. Then I ran across probably one of my best friends, and he I told him I was going through the bathroom. He followed me in. This building resembled one of those car garages. This next part was another dream. In it I broke my NoFap streak and relapsed to pornographic material and felt guilty after. That's all I recall from this one. In the third part, I was sitting at my church. But, it wasn't exactly my church. It was a large auditorium and I was sitting at the top with my mom. My mom says, in a Loud voice, something to the effect of " The LORD tells us things". The pastor asks " What did he tell you?" and my mom answers but I can't hear what she says. She then turns to me, and says " The LORD tells us things". I say " What's happening mom?" She then proceeds to tell me that she is going to leave soon because the doctors told her there was no other option. In waking life, she hasn't been diagnosed with cancer or anything. The last part that I remember about this dream was that I gave up on trying to work on a project I have for school.