Hydra, pregnant, balls of steel, Big Mama

Date: 7/21/2017

By TheNagual

There was a massive earth worm hydra monster over a jungle bridge that grew bigger each kill. Inside was a mother and a women, slightly distorted. We were immensely attracted to each other. There was a beautiful women in black who guided me through massive rooms and then into a party room. She later showed me her breasts and I took her hand as we navigated out of there. We ran into two men around a bookshelf, he kicked me twice in the groin, I felt it's impact but not pain. She then turned into a man, Kyle. He or she was trying to kiss me and I stopped him, I knew from my past what was really happening. Was there some kind of ice skating? I walk around my neighborhood needing to pee but I could not because I was pregnant. Next night: a dream about Gossler and being at her house several times. Eventually there was sexual intimacy. There was a park and a small winding slide from which I finally got to the top and went back down. A massive black lady drives by "big mama". Jan was in trouble. Me and Falls watched her raise her foot and toe and then walk forward and hid away. Big Mama was massive and took over the scene, we were all in trouble. There was a scene of a man who put a fake body in a car to trick the man inside to think he was still sleeping. Outside: three of us think we see a monster. It was a giant spider, I charge into the barn door with an axe but it was just a prank. We had to paint a porta potty but eventually I left and the setting was now a casino/ sea food candy shop grease hole.