University chase

Date: 4/28/2017

By bails22

[fragmented] Went to Oilers playoff game. On way home, drove past uni and went to McD's. Parents were in some kind of essay class at the uni. Had an exam the next day so I was planning to print a few things for that. Got a text from MIL saying to print stuff for her and her friends (that was over 300 pages each). I didn't want to say no, but I didn't want to do it even more since that'd take forever. At home in Maid, saw guys stealing stuff and putting it into a car they used for a robbery. But they did things like peel off stickers that made it look like the taillights were the tall skinny kind instead of the more horizantal ones so that the car wasn't as recognizable. I made a note on my phone of any details I could remember. We went to the uni and were chased by these men. They wanted our phones to make sure we had no pictures of them, so I copied all my notes to my clipboard on my phone to make it less likely they'd know I had a description. We got away and they were chasing us through ECHA, both of us trying to find the same person. [I've had this section before]: chasing us up the stairs, we're trying to find a specific prof's class so we're reading the bulletin boards for her name as we run past. Get upstairs to a yoga/pilates gym/class and fight with those following us there only to run up more stairs and be surrounded by the bad guys.