Axolotl dream

Date: 2/19/2019

By Payton

So if you don’t know what an axolotl is, they are aquatic salamanders, they can lose their gills and breathe on land if so desired. I have 3 in this dream (two babies and a teen) I wake up and I’m greeted by another pastel room, except this time it was my room. I didn’t have my tanks in my bedroom and I was super freaked out. I went into my (also pastel) living room and asked my parents where the hell my axolotls are. “He took them” my mother said. “Who is ‘he’” I say back. “The man down the road” my dad said. And I’m just thinking “well shit” I go down the street to find myself inside a room with many barbies and stuffed animals. I look to the bookshelf on my left and I see two small, purple , circular containers. I pop open the lid to one and it has two of my salamanders. They are covered in dirt and are absolutely terrified. I open the other one to find my other axolotl. And it’s the same case. He fights me for awhile and then someone came into the room. I hide inside a closet and hope I don’t get found.I fall backwards and boom. I’m awake