yesterday night the 27th

Date: 3/1/2017

By IvY

I texted you in the morning saying hi, Its pouring out, how's your morning? I never received anything back assuming I wouldn't anyway. But then you didn't answer the next message, why not? You could've just said no, but instead silence was your route. Each week you grow colder and more distant and last night, not even a glance was thrown my way from your eyes. Not a reply not anything. I'm not going to appeal to your need for attention. If you want to associate with that nut sack looking motherfucker of a douchebag who has already insulted and demeaned you, blurts out the most disrespectful profanities to you and everyone else, congratulations, you do you, but don't expect from for one second that Im going to chase you. I couldn't tell at first if it was for real or only for the chase but I'm figuring it out, a little late though, but hey you know the saying. I want you to know that I didn't fall for your physical beauty, it was so providential that you so happened to have the most perfect features; the perfect height, legs, body and hair. Your skin color is exquisite and just the right shade. Your voice is evenly balanced not to high and not manly at all. I love your laugh and seeing you smile. I need you to understand I am not like most guys, yes those features draw me and I can't help but admire, but I fell for your mind. How you speak so eloquently and precise with maturity and wit. How you are able to stump me in conversation, invigorating me with every life you've lived in all those books you've read. I love how you know multiple languages, have multiple jobs and love academic leisure activities. Most of all, I love speaking to you, learning eachothers ins and outs in conversation. Another day not hearing your voice is another bad day.