Date: 9/8/2019

By misty-alone

So I'm at like a prom right? I think it is. And for some reason a bus pulls up and the middle schoolers are at the prom. Now I'm a sophmore and recently I met this cute girl who I believed to be a freshman and heartbreakingly enough she was an 8th grader. And knowing hey we are both the same sex and shes 2 years younger I kinda have to let this crush die I've been trying to. So in this dream I have like this male friend and me and him have a made a plan so we dance with the kids we like (weird enough this dude looked like percy jackson and the kid he was trying to get to looked like nico?). So we pretend danced with each other (we were dancing it what looked like a wrestling ring) so people wouldnt be suspicious till they announced that the middle schoolers would have to leave. We took that time to ask our respective 8th grade crushes to dance (again his looked like Nico DeAngelo). So we dancing and I realized she liked me back. But then my dad and stepmom found us and we explained how our plan was a ruse me and older boy didnt like each other we both liked the respective kid we were dancing with. And my dad explained why liking a kid who was younger is bad because they have less maturity and our actions got them separated from there class. Embarrassed we let the kids leave. My dad says to go check they found their class. We do. And the girl in line with her class gives me on last fateful look before I wake up.