Longest and most complex dream I've had... As well as super strange

Date: 7/10/2017

By cornishpasties

had a dream where I met this dude ( looked like Sam out of lotr) and we got on quite well and he decided he was in love with me and it was weird, I could hear him talking on the phone to his mum about how many babies we are gonna have and that, but he got really protective of me and when my mum said she wanted me to stay home that night he kicked off and stormed to his car and I walked over and said I would never see him again after disrespecting my mum, so he propper kicked off and tried to kidnap me, and I finally broke loose from him and, my 2 friends tried to keep me safe, and he told us that he called people to come after us, after the police picked up the guy i was dating, we had to run away, because people were after us, so we went though forests, had to swim through rivers and everything, then some how the guy had set up a backstory to get me and my 2 friends in prison, when we went to prison we there were dirty old men there that decided witch of us 3 they were gonna "have" but before they could get to us, we proved our innocence and got moved to a boarding school, where all my old school friends were, we were forced to stay on the site, and we told they were gonna "love island" all the students, my ex was there and he got paired up with another boy, and then everyone was shocked to find he was bi...and I got matched with the weird kid...was really embarrassing... I couldn't stand to stay there any longer and while in there I noticed lots of my lymph-node's were inflamed, so I begged to let them call my mum, and she came to visit me, mum demanded they let me come home and take me to the hospital, they finally gave in and me and mum went to the hospital, they examined me and immediately saw I had lymphoma, they booked my operation, and I laid in bed and my ex came in telling that he here'd about me having cancer and he said that now would be the time to say that he never stopped loving me.