Animagus adventures

Date: 6/9/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was part of a group of people who could turn into different animals, like an animagus. My dream-boyfriend was one, and he could turn into a German shepherd. Everyone was put into pairs, with one animagus skilled person, and one normal person. And when the one person was in animal form, the only person that could understand them was their partner person. So we go undercover as like a police/k9 type unit. Somehow me and my partner get separated for a long period of time and I'm at this fancy party dinner type thing. Smoke alarms start going off and everyone has to evacuate. Everyone is sitting out on the lawn in the middle of the night, and I go find a spot over by the fence, trying to stay unnoticed. Alisha comes and sits next to me, but literally all she does is mope about how everything is terrible and the world is just eternally depressing. Then I'm on the run again, and I hitchhike with this random old Asian guy who I convinced to trust me. We're crammed in his teeny tiny car, and I have a ton of stuff with me for whatever reason. I think I was undercover as a highschool student and I'd just cleaned out my locker. Then we get in a car wreck and I'm ejected from the vehicle through the windshield. I'm laying there on the pavement, freaking out internally because there's no way I can be found here, my identity will be discovered. All bloody and everything I crawl off the highway, leaving the Asian dude strapped in his car, likely dead. I continue to stumble through a forest until I find the cabin safe house where I will hopefully find my dog-boyfriend. He answers the door and I'm so relieved. He can't believe I'm alive and we hug and then suddenly I sprout wings. Bam. I am now a bird animagus. I can now turn into a giant hawk whenever I feel like it.