Blanket in a river

Date: 5/23/2017

By richilye

I was in a grassy place with my family and someone else. There was a small wooden cabin in the back, there was a river flowing around it and that part wasn't deep, even a kid could stand on it, going foward it had an intersection, to the right it became really deep, and the water was aqua blue, really beautiful. To the left the river was a bir darker, since there was a bridge over it, but after that the water was still a bit dark. We were supposed to do something there, but I started to lazy around and went to float on the river and let the flow of water guide me. Starting from the non deep area, it guided me to the aqua area, I kept floating there for a while, until I hit the ground. When I lowered my arm to pull me away, I touched a blanket under water , I grabbed it and the water started pulling me away again, then someone called me and I had to get up. When I did, the blanket seemed to be dry, even when I pulled it out I thought it was strange, end.