plot twist

Date: 8/25/2017

By itsgrowingpains

I was on a bus and there was this amazing and beautiful girl sitting next to me. We were talking and flirting a lot but since I'm insecure as fuck, I didn't even ask her name or her number. When the bus stopped for a break, she had to leave because she had a connection to another bus. I stayed there for a while thinking what the fuck I was doing and decided to get off my bus and ask for her number. And that's what I did. She was stading in the line and I talked to her and got her name and number. But that took too long and by the time I told her goodbye, my bus had already left. I decided to go down the street to catch it at the next corner, but for some reason I got lost and it was very dark. I saw a man coming and I asked him if he could help me find the right way. At that moment, the street's floor turned into a mattress and I couldn't stand anymore and neither go back up to the bus stop. I saw the man coming down while unzipping his pants. He was getting closer and I couldn't escape. I woke up before I could know how that was going to end.