Date: 6/27/2017

By sadinarus

So my dream started off with Sean running to my apartment building. He was wearing a black and white old shirt of his and his gold chain. He had a Buzz cut like he had freshman year. And I went out to the patio and called him up. So we are now in my old house. Me and him were kissing. But I didn't wanna have sex. So we went into the living room and hung out. I told him I would go into the garage and get something real quick. When i come back out, he's kissing this girls (whom he doesn't even like) feet romantically. He notices I'm back and stops and tries to apologize to me. That's when I spazz off on both of them. I yelled at him telling him "you was just complaining about her! You don't even like her as a human being!!!" And I yell at the girl, " your ugly as shit!!" (Which she was, she looked like a human alligator with cold sores all over her face) and I continue to say "you ain't shit, he doesn't like u at all, your dirty!!!" And then I go back to the garage completely furious, but still expecting Sean to come after me. He does no such thing. I calm down and walk back out of the garage and see he's kissing up on another girl!! That's all I remember. THE END