Haskell, snake, meet-up, wilderness, new place.

Date: 7/2/2017

By ultraweaklisk

Me and my girlfriend just moved into a new place (apartment) or we were taking a holiday and it was a hotel. Many other people (everyone) were new there too. In the back yard there was an artificial wilderness. You could apparently pick your own food there. We encountered a snake. It was as thick as a boa constrictor and had a similar head, but looked quite short at about 1.5m. It was green on top. It was scared of us and fled at an insane speed of at least 50kph. We talk about it and concluded it was a (to humans) harmless snake, unlike brown snakes(?). Back at our place I was checking my mail. I wanted to change a column (date or something) and noticed the application was adjustable through the interface using a plethora of languages including Haskell (not familiar with it IRL). There was a group of people (about 5) ready to go on an excursion into the artificial wilderness. My girlfriend wanted to join too, and I felt pressed to hurry up with my mail and join as well. I liked the wilderness. Just then I remembered I had an appointment for some kind of meet-up which I could not miss. It was about spirituality. It was scheduled to start at 10:00. It was currently 6:27, about the same time as it was in the (outside the dream) real world. I know this because it was a snooze dream. The alarm went off at 6:20. I'm unsure if the dream already started and I reentered it. The wilderness: lots of plants (bushes) and trees. All very green. Also some bumpy grassy fields. The snake made some airtime because of these bumps, haha. I think there also were some bugs. The apartment: new or being renovated. There was a lot of exposed concrete. The residents were happy and enthusiastic. They wore plain, but colorful (pink/purple, yellow, khaki) summer clothes. From where I was using the computer I could see the entrance to the wilderness and the residents who were getting ready to explore it. It seems like I had my computer set up in the elevator tower of the apartment complex. To the north was wall consisting of mostly a large window. My desk was facing that wall. To the south were two elevator doors. To the west, I assume, were the apartments. To the east, I assume, was access to a staircase. The email application: was web-based. It had a side bar on the left with expandable options, and there were a lot of options. The main content frame was a table of emails of rows and columns. There didn't seem to be a frame to see the selected email. I didn't get to extend the functionality of the column I didn't like (with Haskell) because I felt pressed for time.