Date: 4/29/2017

By Chloe_Noelle26

So, my dream started off in a college classroom, but with out desks so it just looked like long, red carpet stairs. I went up the stairs and there was a really over weight guy talking with another guy. I don't remember what the other guy liked like but I remember the over weight guy in details. He had dark brown bushy eyebrows, brown hair, brown eyes, green shirt, black hat, and red jersey shorts. I said,"hello. Do you know where we are?" And they ignored me. I cleared my voice to ensure them hearing me and said "excuse, where are we exactly?" And no response. They just carried on with their conversation. I needed their attention so I shouted "Hey!" he instantly in one swift motion shoved me down the stairs. I got myself up and went back to the top. I asked again politely "do you know where we are?" And they carried on chatting. I then really needed their attention so I reached for the guys hat and the guy grabbed my wrists, picked me up, and threw me down the stairs. When I stopped toppling down the stairs I stood up and I was in an other room. It seemed to be Christmas time because I was with my mom and dad and there was a Christmas tree, fire place, lights, and stockings. I asked my mom. Where we were and she said "I don't know it's your dream" and then I looked out the doorway and it was the red stairs leading to the two guys again. I looked at the scary guy right in the eyes and he looked so angry. He stood up and started to come down the stairs. I went back into the room to ask my parents who the man was, but they were gone so I was on my own. I thought to myself, "well if this is a dream I just need to get out." So I tried to get out of the dream and thank his I was successful 😂