Date: 2/13/2017

By andy.-.xx

i was in 3rd person throughout this dream. So it starts at the playground near my house with a little boy and girl playing they each have scooters. They stsrt to play catching (not on the scooters) the boy fakes an injury and successfully tricks the girl and tags her. The girl feels like she was tricked so tries the same trick on him and he gets mad and starts crying. Then he calls a name and this girl wearing the air bender costume with big rimmed glasses and long hair appears. *scene change* I was in a room with Aang and this plays out like how the animated series would. so I see Aang talking to this hidden guy and appears to be talking about the show 'avatar'. So the guy was talking about adding Zuko into the movie and how he was making a sketch up of Zuko's face for Aang. And when everything was settled, Aang just smiled and did that air bending thingy and sat lotus pose, and said "now what called you away from work today" and the guy said "nothing important" **Dream ends**