Box of chopped up man

Date: 2/21/2019

By Wickwoman

So me and Paul were carrying a man who had been chopped into pieces to be killed. We had done so legally as he had committed some crime. But Paul wanted to carry it on his shoulders. But it was like the chopped up man was reassembled and was walking with a cross on his shoulders. He was a black man and how he was carrying the cross had some connection to slavery, I think, and I was thinking it was cruel or wrong. There was some cruelty in the way Paul was treating the man and I said something about karma. Paul was taunting him about his crimes. Then he was in a box chopped up again. So I took the box and I accidentally dropped it and it rolled into the street. Paul said oh no people will know what’s in the box and we won’t have time to explain it’s legal so we ran and hid in the woods. The people in the town were shocked and disgusted trying to figure out where the box of body parts came from. But we slipped away unnoticed. Then we were hiding in a shack in the woods. There were crafts to do little wooden conversation hearts but we were afraid to do the crafts and leave fingerprints. Then we decided to do it anyway but just wipe them off. I had a thought about there not being enough time to get away if we were discovered and not enough time to wipe fingerprints. Then we realized there was a girl in the shack and she had heard our conversation so we couldn’t let her leave. But she wasn’t going to turn us in. She was very sympathetic. And then we realized there was also a girl outside listening. We were going to give up and the dream ended.