Mars and The Eclipse

Date: 4/25/2017

By Kazuko

I looked up at the sky as my boyfriend (Max) and I walked outside. The air was crisp, yet not too cold. He ran over to a small lump of a hill that lay next to a hole in the park fence, sitting down on it. The trees lay on either side of him, the branches above leaving only a small opening of which I could see the sky. "Max.." I muttered, staring up at the moon. The celestial object was huge. More than it normally was. Behind it, I could see Mars. It was as if I was looking through a high grade telescope, the details being very defined. Behind both of those was the sun, which was growing closer to the moon with each second. I gasped, "M-Max, look!" I gapped, pointing up at the sky. As he turned, I laid down to get full view of the event. He smiled, "Eclipse, huh?" I shivered a bit, "Yeah.." Suddenly, the sun disappeared behind the moon, along with Mars. Mere seconds later it reappeared, though, Mars had fully vanished. I stared in awe, my heart pounding with excitement and fright all at once. I then woke up as my alarm went off.