abandoned cave/enchanted forest/random appointment/deceased father

Date: 2/19/2017

By KatTheDreamer

there was a cave by the water covered in snow that two children were visiting. it was more like a building inside and the older child was telling the younger child this is where they found her. they both were fairies according to the older child, and they had found the younger child there as an infant. they left the cave and the seasons changed from winter to spring. the snow and ice melted away to reveal the cave was not a cave but a statue. the snow and ice melted to become water and covered the cave in a lake. my boyfriend and I, and two of our friends are walking a path. there are huge trees covered in lights, and it's very nice out. I have a walking stick, and something about the place seems magical. then we turn and are in a waiting room and my friend and I sign in for our appointment and wait. then I'm with my boyfriend in a weird room. there's a railing across from us as if we're on a balcony, and on the other side is my childhood friend's kitchen and living room. out of the bedroom door that leads into the living room comes her deceased father. at first my boyfriend doesn't see him, but as he talks (not to us, but in general) he slowly begins to see him. her father is talking about the last years of his life as if he were telling my childhood friend. and when he's done he goes back into the room he came out of.