White cat sitting on my head and a Jamaican book salesman.

Date: 8/21/2017

By awalker406

I was offer a job to go back into the corp. world with amazing wage package. "Finally, someone has given me a chance" I thought to myself. I turned up to this huge building, showing my ID at the security gate. Inside, everything was clean and pristine. There was restaurants, free gym with all different classes. The environment was friendly and calm. I went to my office. I sat down at my computer and check my emails. Most of it was junk, apart from one. An important email to new recruits. I opened the email to find that they are stopping recruitment and progression. Then it said I was getting sacked! "It's my first day on the job and I'm getting sacked!" I said. Next scene: I was at home, doing my normal routine. I suddenly stopped and stared at the kitchen tiles on the floor. They started to morph into different shapes. My phone started to ring but by the time I got there, it stopped. "None one called me" I said to myself while looking at the call log, which was empty. I went through my friends list on my phone and that was also empty. "No point in having a phone then" I said, as I throw the phone away. Then I took a seat in the living room. The scene changed. I was on an airplane, that just landed in Canada. I had nothing with me, just the clothes I have on. I got off the plane and went to a game of some sort, in this big arena. I was sat at the top corner, so I wouldn't bother anyone and I was out of the way. In my hand I had a thick book with an orange colour that felt was a thriller novel and the other was a small blue book, which was a comedy satire. A couple next to me notice the books in my hand and tell me how amazing they are. "Are they? I haven't read them yet." I reply. Then they started asking questions why am I back in Canada. I was confused. I didn't know why I was here, why I had these books. I felt lost. Then this white and grey striped cat, was waking in mid air. Calm and collective. Everyone stops and the place went silence. All eyes on this cat, that was waking towards me. As the cat got closer towards me, I notice it has blue eyes, the colour of the sea. Then it jump at me and landed on my head. Embracing myself, thinking the cat was going to using its claws in my head. It doesn't. It's sit calmly on my head, just purring away. The crowd was amazing by this and started talking amongst themselves. I calmly got my things and walked out while the cat on my head. I ended up in a book shop, this Jamaican salesman asked if I would like to purchased the books I got in my hand. For a brief moment, I looked out the windows. Two old people embraced each other and started dancing in the rain. A tear form from my eye, I raised the corners of mouth to form a small smile . I closed my eyes and when I reopened them, I'm at a table, full with books with this sale person. "So would you like to buy the books?" The guy asks me. "Yeah sure but I don't have any Canadian dollars on me tho" I reply. "That's fine." He said. "Just sign up to our book club and you'll get it for free" he tells me with his sales pitch. I look around for a moment, thinking if I really do want theses books now. "Alright" I agreed with him. He hands me a form to fill out, while he goes off somewhere, rubbing his hands with a massive grin on his face. He comes back with a bag "He's your book club members welcome pack!" He says, all happy. It's filled with useless junk. "A signal boost cable?" I questioned him. He just stood there with his big grin on his face. "Fine" I thought to myself. As I'm about to walk out the door, the white cat appears on top of a blue book with a sliver ring. I looked away and continued on my way into the rain. Next scene: I was sitting on the sofa, in the living room. This house, I was in, felt different in somewhere. There were picture frame on the walls, all empty, ready to be filled in. I walk out the back of the house into a garden. A women sitting in a chair, facing away from me, watching kids play in the garden, on a summers day. They were all having fun. I smiled for a moment. I wanted to join in and be apart of this family but I felt like my time was up. I turned away and walked out the front door.