Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Grandma in quirky apartment in Nashua showing off her strange drug collection to surprised visitors.

Walk to weird slide show and Grandma with drugs in Nashua apartment!

Date: 11/7/2020

By gg2316gg

Had to walk with the family through the scary woods to get to some strange place that had different events / sales. Like a convention or something. (In real life we are watching Stranger Things!) Ended up controlling some slide show (was sitting in the front row) of some sort of murder story or otherwise strange story. The last slide was I think David Bowie with Mick Jagger sitting together. Then on the walk back, Keira went back through the woods alone while we took a more open route over some fields where most people were going. We ended up walking in a neighborhood (in Nashua evidently) where a guy on the left side of the road was talking to a lot of people (his yard was sloping up to a house starting at a shoulder height stone wall). He was actually some sort of drug (crack etc) dealer trying to get people to buy or use his drugs. Somehow I ended up with Grandma (Nora) and I followed her running to her small apartment across the street in a big house (no such scenarios in real life) and it was kind of gross. Lower level apartment and dirty. I saw her scrape skin off the side / bottom of her foot onto a cracker and give it to some kid that came buy because he didn’t have enough food. Gross. (Probably comes from the foot peeling video on TikTok, uhg) Then watched people come over and talk to her and discovered that she had bags of drugs that these people were recognizing. I think one person was Matthew McConaughey. He was looking around and saw some bag and said “Hey that is <some drug name> and took it or something. Then Dana Carvey did the same. I asked her how she ended up in this strange Apartment. She said that before she moved to Waltham, someone told her to move to this house (or buy the entire house for investment property?) and decided not to. Then when she was looking for an apartment later she ended up checking the same place and got the small crappy apartment.

AI generated interpretation This dream appears to be a complex blend of various elements that may reflect different aspects of your subconscious mind and current waking life experiences. Let's break down the key symbols and themes to provide a comprehensive analysis: 1. **Strange Events and Locations (Convention, Woods, Neighborhood in Nashua)**: The dream begins with your family walking through scary woods to a convention or event that features a peculiar slide show. This could indicate a sense of uncertainty or anxiety in your waking life, perhaps related to navigating new situations or environments, much like the characters in "Stranger Things" facing unknown threats and challenges. The woods and unconventional setting of the slide show may represent a journey into the unknown or exploring unfamiliar aspects of yourself or your surroundings. 2. **Control of the Slide Show and Disturbing Imagery (Murder Story, David Bowie and Mick Jagger)**: The imagery of controlling a slide show narrating a murder story or strange events may suggest a desire for control or understanding in your life. The appearance of David Bowie and Mick Jagger could symbolize creativity, individuality, or a sense of nostalgia. The mix of disturbing and famous figures in the slide show may point to conflicting emotions or thoughts that you are trying to process. 3. **Encountering Drug Dealing in the Neighborhood**: The presence of a drug dealer in the dream neighborhood could symbolize temptation, danger, or hidden aspects of your psyche. It may reflect concerns about influences or behaviors that you perceive as harmful or corruptive. The interaction with Grandma in this context could indicate a connection to past experiences or values that are being confronted or compromised in some way. 4. **Grandma's Strange Apartment and Drug Possession**: Grandma's rundown apartment and her involvement with drugs in the dream suggest a connection to familial influences or ancestral patterns that may be unsettling or challenging. The act of scraping skin onto a cracker and giving it to a hungry child could symbolize a sense of sacrifice, decay, or nourishment in a distorted form. The presence of recognizable figures like Matthew McConaughey and Dana Carvey may represent aspects of authority, success, or humor that are intertwined with darker elements in the dream narrative. 5. **Reflections on Past Choices and Investments**: Grandma's explanation of how she ended up in the strange apartment after considering a different path involving a house or investment property could symbolize reflections on past choices, missed opportunities, or unexpected outcomes. The juxtaposition of wealth and poverty, success and failure, may highlight themes of stability, security, and adaptability in your own life journey. In conclusion, this dream appears to be a tapestry of subconscious symbols and narratives that reflect a mix of emotions, memories, and current life circumstances. It may reveal underlying anxieties, desires for control, reflections on past decisions, and the interplay of light and shadow within the self. Exploring these themes further in waking life through introspection, creative expression, or therapeutic approaches could provide additional insights and personal growth opportunities.