"Would You Rather" meets "Twisted Metal"?

Date: 8/6/2017

By SeeksInferno

This dream took place in Tennessee and was all over the place. There's a lot of incoherent fragments here and there but what I remember most is this: An ex-monster truck driver(?) called Junkroad(haha, right?) who was this big burly scary dude, had started kidnapping people and making them take part in Saw/Would You Rather-esque "games" in which many people would die. In the dream I was watching one of the games in which a man was forced to crawl through a large cage with electrodes everywhere. He kept getting shocked and when he finally got out of the cage, he just collapsed dead. And then a bottle of beer just appears in his hand. Anyways, as I'm working at a diner I get a letter from Junkroad and it's essentially him "inviting" me to his game. I had already known what this meant so I shut off all the lights to the diner and contacted all my friends. Junkroad starts coming towards us with this massive metal monster truck that's shaped more like a tank, and my friends and I all hop in a semi truck. My mom and aunts are there and my mom is driving. Junkroad begins chasing us as we attempt to evade him with our semi. While we very quickly speed through the Tennessee grasslands we hit lots of bumps and turns and we catch some air. Somehow we stay upright and keep going. As we're moving along, I go on top of the semi to call the police. I tell them I want to report several kidnappings and homicides and that Junkroad is responsible. They laugh and joke at me and then hang up. We keep moving and moving until we hit the edge of this swamp. We hit some sort of bump and all of us go flying out of the semi into this swamp. Junkroad is a bit far behind, out of earshot, so I yell at everyone to land in the swamp and run/hide. I land on a large bundle of roots to a very large, old tree and I hide behind the tree. I somehow get third person vision and I see Junkroad approach the tree line. All of us are in the swamp area before him but we all hid so perfectly, he couldn't see any of us. He walks away angrily grumbling and the dream ends there. I wouldn't call this a nightmare or even a bad dream, there was intense fear involved but mostly it was exhilarating.