Pet mouse very sad

Date: 3/4/2017

By mysticmusic94

So in my dream I found this mouse in this market I was in. It was very fragile and I kept getting scared that I was holding it too hard so I kept loosening my hand. It was so cute and I loved it so much. I kept feeling its claws scratch my hand. I will say this mouse was much cuter than a reality mouse though. Looked more like a hamster but anyway I was with my friend and we kept driving places and I didn't have anything to put the mouse in so I just held it. I ended up telling my friend we needed to go to a pet store and get a cage and food for it. The only thing i had was this mouse cart thing with wheels. It was odd but it reminded me of a hamster ball or wheel. It was kind of like a walker for when people need help walking. I gave it to the mouse when I was in the car and I let go of it on my chest and it zoomed off my chest and feel on the ground in the car! I was so upset I was scared it was dead so I picked it up and took the cart from it. It was unresponsive like it wasn't clawing my hand anymore and then I woke up. I was so sad this morning because it was either in shock or it was dead and I loved it so much ugh I felt like crying when i woke up. Also in another part of my dream when I was with my friend she was like going through the stuff in my room like makeup and for some reason i wasn't her to see how big my closet was hahaha what the heck!