Earth Magic

Date: 5/31/2019

By -Frelsun-

Amelia walked with me through the grass field with Ryan trailing not far behind, the warmth of the golden sun giving extra vibrance to the life of the plants around us. It had been a while since Amelia and I had become close friends, and we were getting closer as I taught her and Ryan an advanced Earth magic they had not yet learned. I had only just met Ryan recently, for he was African American, with a deep voice and intelligent eyes. He spoke little, but was a kind and honest man whom I trusted as my student. The three of us crested a small hill as I told them about one of the most powerful good-hearted wizards of all time: Eragon. I was explaining how he could reach out his conciousness so profoundly that he could feel, and understand, every life form within a 1 mile radius at once, if he wanted. I had already taught them many magics, and Amelia especially excelled through flying, energy shields, and even had started controlling her Infinite Gifts abilities, which were very uncommon to appear in any types of people. We had been close friends for a while now, and I had, of course, privately taught her in Earth magics especially, since she was a daughter of the Earth. I had taught both Ryan and Amelia how to reach my conciousness through mentally reaching out, and now I showed them how to reach out to other life forms in a similar way. Two humans (mundane) walked by not far from us, and both students successfully found their minds. Amelia asked tentatively if this could give them mind reading abilities, and I responded that that was exactly what I was teaching them. After practicing, the three of us walked together back down the hill, and Amelia whispered in my ear that tomorrow was the Day, because a year ago a younger her and me had traveled into the future together in search of answers, and the future selves - us tomorrow - had answered them. It was exciting for both of us to be able to reveal our success to our past selves. Ryan did know that Amelia and I were more than regular friends, but he was not concerned with it. Amelia and I often shared soft, knowing smiles with eachother nowadays, here. The next day, Amelia and I sat in the kitchen in our house, faced with the unpleasant task of carrying out a barbaric penalty for villains who deserved it. (The Death Penalty) Before us, two men sat restrained in chairs, with tubs of rainbow colored liquid-nitrogen-like substance above them, ready to be poured on them to stop all life activity. Amelia and I looked to each other sadly as we executed the task, pulling matching red levers on both men's tanks, allowing the substance to fall towards them. I noticed though, that as the substance fell towards the two men, they seemed resigned to their fate, but raised their hands together in a strange gesture I didn't recognize, looking into each other's eyes as the rainbow substance washed over them, instantly freezing them. Amelia and I walked to the island bar together, knowing that next came the interview with our past selves, and feeling tired. We wished we could go to sleep and deal with it the next day, but we knew we had to stay up, because they had when we were the young ones seeking adventure. I don't remember the actual event, just that Amelia answered most of the questions, and it was a success. Afterwards, Amelia and I went into the front driveway, and practiced some simple spells together from fun. As usual, a ball was dropped and started rolling down the street, and I stopped it with my left foot. (The rolling ball is always a bad sign) I looked up to tell Amelia jokingly that that was close, but she had disappeared. I turned around, no, whipped around, and realized I was in New York City streets, on a crowded side street I did not know. The buildings cast long shadows on the gravel roads, and I saw a limosine parked in front of me across the street, and wait, Amelia was asleep, bound to the hood with one knot! The sleek car revved it's engine and took off, away. Now desperate, I flashed HARD after that car, determined not to lose sight of it. Soon, we emerged from the city, and the limosine took a hard left turn onto a sunny empty street that looked like an airplane runway. Amelia was thrown off violently, the pathetic rope knot doing nothing as she was unconsiously sent shooting maybe 50 feet far, onto hard concrete. She should not have survived that. Couldn't have. I ran closer, sorrow turning to anguish as I realized the implications of such a loss. "AMELIA!!" I exploded in my mind, pushing all my fear, all my worry, uncertainty, rage, and love into the thought, and rippling it out with all the force I had, so that it echoed through the valley itself and reverberated in every mind for tens of miles around me, raw energy. I didn't care. Amelia couldn't be dead. I continued my painful, steady walk into the crowd, searching. I felt her before I saw her, that beautiful light blue aura of hope and trust reaching out to me, and I took off rushing through the crowd as I felt her doing the same from the other side. I learned we were at a train station, and right next to the tracks we collided and embraced, and I was so glad she was alive, she was unhurt. I pulled her closer, feeling her comforting warmth as I whispered in her ear in relief. "Jesus! I thought you were gone!" We were safe in that moment, and I was so relieved we were both alive.