Day 5 (Death, Space and mystery)

Date: 3/6/2017

By Mauricio

I write a dream every week or 2, but always put day 4 or 5 just to keep them in order. This is the kind of dreams that makes you wake with unexplained feelings and terror. Background Song(I usually listen to music when i sleep but this certainly causes bad experiences): Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd I lived in a fancy apartment that in fact was the roof of a skyscraper that was above the heaven and I could see perfectly the stars and the space, if I jumped from that roof, I would land on a wasteland city where people were protesting about the lack of water, then going back to the roof I saw my family complaining about the fact that everybody in the roof got cancer, I ask many times to jump again to the poor city and they didn't let me, in the roof there was a big panel of light that people said was the door for the cure of cancer, but if you crossed that door, you would never see them again (it maybe was the death door) I was curious to feel what was that, but first I went down to the city just to saw a civil war between police and people, so I saw many kids running away crying and in a corner I saw a creepy guy telling them to not go to the right side but straight, but they were disappearing, and I was furious because I thought he might was a rapist or killer, when I jump to see where they going I saw corpses and blood everywhere just to find out that this guy where sending the kids to a pit where a baby (yes, a normal sweet baby) in a cage were eating the kids that fell down. I feel a intense terror, but at the same time two other guys join me and we hit to death the creepy guy, then I was tele-transported to the roof, and I was in front of the mythical door of light, with my lack of hope I just jump towards it and I feel a unexplained sensation of fear, pleasure, peace and when I was about to see what was next, I woke up at 3 am asking myself about life. I was so sleepy, but I knew that I must write the dream so I went to the notes app and write the following keywords to remind me about the dream: Family Cannibalism Roof Fancy Death Space and stars Door of light Parachuting Civil war Poverty I always try to find a pattern in my dreams, but this dream was totally new for me.