Digital art, She observed her two friends feigning alternate personas to pass through the red chords, evading the police, as they undertook a mysterious mission at the fair.


Date: 11/8/2017

By Moonlight233

Alright so: I went to a fair but this girl ended up screwing everything up to the point where she was after everyone at the fair. There were these red chords all around town and if you walk into them and they pick up it’s you, the “police” will be alerted. Two friends and I ended up sneaking into town and exchanging our clothes, we ended up walking and talking completely different to how we usually act, to get through the chords. If you act up and showed yourself, it wouldn’t let you pass. I got stuck twice but quickly regained my fake persona and walked through, escaping police. There wasn’t really anything we had to do, like there was a plan but it’s blurry. In the end we fixed some stuff then I woke.