Chased by scary female

Date: 1/29/2019

By daza

Don’t remember the details. All I remember is feeling that I had to put that girl down. She was crazy. I could feel that she really wanted me dead. We kept fighting and fighting, but she never seems to die. I run and climb a big truck or something and I see her climbing up and see her eyes. So much hatred. I decided to crash the vehicle on a wall of a building ( ricb colony house right below the road)so that she gets crushed under the weight while I jump off on a treee nearby. Truck is so big it’s as tall as the building. I jump down and run home and knock the door and hope mom is home. It’s six in the morning. At first no one opens cause everyone is asleep. I look into ata gelays room trying to wake him up. I remember feeling very very scared of the attacker. Finally someone opens the door. I see the news- truck crashed into a house, no body found at sight.I woke up in panic.