Nudist Resort

Date: 5/4/2019

By Imetaphor

I'm somewhere nudity is acceptable, on a deck surrounded by forest, streams, and small waterfalls. I'm nude. I take selfies and quickly get hard and horny. Now someone's taking photos for me. My erection is at max. I let go of my inhibitions, lean back on a railing, and have a hands-free orgasm, all captured in high definition photos. I go into the dining hall and pay with my meal punch card. It's like a summer camp or small convention. I don't know anyone, but I look for someone with whom to sit. The speaker has started, very dynamic, doing impersonations and moving around the crowd. I'm behind him on the stage, probably in the band. It's raining outside and water starts leaking under the door nearest to me, flowing uphill, threatening the electrical equipment on stage. I start using some towels the resort staff have placed. They even have a small pump running because the flooding has turned into a small pool near the door. In my bedroom, there's a mouse problem. I get a long pellet of poison rat food and drop it into the vent, where they live behind the wall. I immediately see the rat eating it. I decide I should hold it to make sure it dies and dispose of the body so I don't have a smelly hidden carcass. I pick up the still living rat. It bites me and holds on. I panic and bite back instantly regretting, because I put my mouth on a dirty, diseased, poisoned rodent. A Colbert video is on. I go to the sink to wash myself. There are tiny diseased blisters on my finger and hand but no cut.