My dad being an asshole (as always🤷‍♀️)

Date: 6/7/2017

By mythicalmelissa

So apparently the dream was about my dad wanted to give a speech or something to the public, which is weird because he only knows how to speak Spanish and we were surrounded by English speaking people. As everyone was going up there to talk I feel like he was impatient waiting for his turn and asked me "When the fuck is my turn" and I told him "you have to wait until your chosen" (btw the quotes were originally spoken in Spanish). Then he got sooo mad that when it was a women's turn to speak he freaking pushed her off of the stage and all I can hear her say "Hey! Have some respect would you" and the worst part is that the police were forcing me to go up there and calm him down, cause they don't speak Spanish🙃🔫, and everyone is just staring at me like they wanted to shoot me right now cause they think it's all my fault while in reality I just have a dad that acts like a asshole bitch 24/7 and acts all innocent and shit it gets me on my nerves😤