Driving omar to his house / rich house

Date: 8/1/2017

By LegacyJM

I had multiple dreams that I can't really remember that much but the main one I can remember is driving omar to his house on my dads work truck. I was about to leave with him but then remember my mom had the keys so I asked him if the trucks could still work while they're off. Hey said "what" and I shifted the truck to drive and it started going downhill, but I was gently pressing the brakes and going towards my mom. When I got there, it was my Tia elodias whole family and my mom and she gave me the keys. Then I turned on the truck, but the engine wouldn't turn on but somehow it was still running. Then I was driving around towards Omar's house and whenever I would brake it was take sooo long to stop so I always had to press on the brakes super hard. I was by the elementary school and then I drove more until I finally got to Omar's street. When I turned to his street, the road was blocked because of construction, and then I backed up. Omar was asleep most of the time, but I woke him up and asked him to help me go back, and we picked up the truck and had to go through what seemed like a shattered glass screen door. The next scene I was in a rich house playing with a kid I think and I was finding new stuff like a water slide and a Toyota, which seemed like a toy car.