Heavy mix

Date: 2/23/2019

By Adeptknife

So here’s a little background for you me and my younger brother were kicked out of my mums house because there was a massive argument when started because of a few reasons (not important) so we are living at my dads who has jury service next week, and I have been watching “sleepy hollow” since I got here. Dream 1: I was walking down a path next to a road and I spotted a polar bear further down this path I panicked and try to cross the road but the cars were zooming down this road and were endless so I went up the path instead. The polar bear got angry and ran towards me the path extended and increases in width so much so the polar bear ran almost a circle around me it then stopped in front of me so I was oh shit fuck this and ran down the path where a fucking orangutan appeared and also tried to attack me, I turned around again and it ended. Dream 2: This one happened straight after the last and occurred in my dads house. My older brother Josh was he was with chilling with his girl and when I appeared she had to go and i was feeling why you need to leave I can go elsewhere but no the almighty subconscious had other plans for this dream and so she disappeared and josh got this fluffy little rodent thing not a rat kind of thing but similar to a guinea pig anyway we chased. Dream 3: Okay this one starts off a bit blurry but it’s me and my younger brother eddy walking down my home street we come across my moms house and we saw my older brother outside and my mother as well (my brother sided with my mom because he sides with her over every dispute a major bumlick) we walk over and start talking to them and they started to attack me and somehow they put a massive glass shard in the side of my foot so I’m like wtf guys call the paramedics I’m not losing my foot ( I have mild germ phobia ) I started limping to the path to find a random guy to call 999 for me as they wouldn’t I meet someone and when he calls the dream ends. Dream 4: This one starts in a building and I am with many people and for some reason there are 2 teams and a jury and the other team is corrupting the jury so I’m shouting my head off to try to get the judge to see it ( this happened in a small room not like a court at all ) so I try to get my team of super power gifted friends to help one hottie whom I believe I am wooing gives me an idea to see this oracle type person. So I went off ( to a few rooms down) and see her near the back of a massive room after getting allowed to bang this hot lady if needed (wtf if needed mean course imma bang it possible she smoking hot) she shows me I can save a women who I thought was long lost ( she looked similar to yen from Witcher series ) I was stuck between who to be with if I saved her anyway the lady and I began to fuck and it was sweet af but quick. I go back to the team with vital info, on the way back I find out this lady gave me a sight that will win the war I look for the first hot lady whom I was wooing (she looked like Katrina from sleepy hollow) I decide I want to be with her I find her harmed by my rival (Yeah I know my almighty sub does this shit to me all the time) so I fight this guy beats him and save the girl we embrace and it ends. Sorry for the long read but I can remember loads of my dreams but still can’t lucid dream rip me but thanks for reading.