Grandma and kittens

Date: 5/25/2019

By happycharmy

I don't know how this two things related but i dreamd about first my grandma, who passed away a couple months ago. We were walking toward her house but the road was quite hard to walk because there were a lot of stones we needed to climb. I helpd her and we slowly but reached her house, also we enjoyed the whole journey and laughed a lot, it was so good. Then I was in our car with my mom and my sister and we came back somwhere, i don't know where, so we steped out of the car and there were a lot of cute little chicks but also 4 little kittens. We decided to keep the 4 little kitten with my sister and I named my two kitten Alice and Koya. I think that was the moment when I woke up. They were sooo cute tho 😄😄