Date: 4/25/2017

By Oyasumi

Still a little tired to please bear with me. - - - - I had an older sister in this dream. We had been kid napped and abused by our this couple that we later saw as 'parents'. They took away our phones to make sure we couldn't get help or escape. Eventually, someone had found us and rescued us. We were sent to a different city to live away from them. However soon after, the parents tracked us down and appeared in the same town as us. They lived in a large mansion and this time, had managed to manipulate many many more children, some even teenagers. We accidentally ran into them and they acted like they never saw us before but we had an eerie feeling that they definitely did remember us. They invitees us to party and we accepted out of politeness and slight fear. When we arrived, we had agreed to try and help the other children escape. The party went for a while until the mother announced that she was going out of the house with the father for a while. This was our chance. The mother looked directly at me, we had a short conversation filled with subtle hints that she remembered me, and then she gave me a hug that terrified me and left. I mouthed to my sister to go find the phone and she did so while I looked around the house. Everyone at the party was sitting divided based on how much they had been manipulated by the parents. The most sat on a group and held the older children. Then other groups after it trailed with younger children who were more oblivious to the manipulation. I walked up to the oldest group and tried talking to them but they just laughed nervously after everything I said and didn't respond. I was going to propose the idea that if we all fought back, then the parents would be overpowered and we would have defeated them. - - - - But then I woke up. This entry is missing a lot of detail that I just can't seem to pinpoint. There was more to escaping the parents the first time but I can't remember the details. The entire time in the house was uneasy and I think there might have been a time where we actually were trapped as well in the house the second time but I wasn't sure. I wish I could've remembered more... T^T