Coffee with Jeffree Star

Date: 7/15/2017

By malexandria

First I thought I was in sleep paralysis but I wasn't. I remember seeing long fingers crawling down from the Outside of the hotel window and then I was at my Grandparents. I'm the neighborhood two empty hpusss where where switched and both occupied. Also my old neighbor came back. In the dream everyone loves divided in someway. I remember going to a coffee shop with Jeffree Star when he had green hair and I was listening to one of his newest songs. It had the same cruise as take it off by Ke$ha and the same beat. Minus the lack of originality, it was still good and from how he used to be, he really cAlmed down. This entire time I had bedhdad and was wearing a red sweatshirt with grey shorts. Jeffree's boyfriend was with him too, reading the newspaper. I keep on snapchattin videos of Jeffree. When we left, we went to the mall where my ex was there. She saw me and Jeffree Going into hottipic and ran after me. We both kinda hid ourselves for a second because my mom was walking into the store across from us. She was also with a friend I never liked. She, With her soiled rich self, was literally carting a huge tv with her, and more. Then I woke up.