The Creator God

Date: 5/1/2017

By trenttt

I was with my friend Sara. We were driving together in a car and my hand was under a slim like sheet in the passenger seat. She moved her right hand on to my hand over the sheet and laughed. She then held my hand and said aloud, "Were holding hands" and then laughed again. I looked at her and replied, "Yes, and it's so comfortable". Smiling and shutting my eyes. I could feel her gripping tighter and hear her laughing a little. She started to say something that sounded like, "I know" and I said, "huh"? She just smiled and kept driving. We drove to some party and when we got in there everyone decided to run and get food, so we were the only ones there. She grabbed both of my hands and pulled me, staring me in the eyes and smiling." I was visited by an angel last night. They told me who you are". "you're going to need to be a little more specific" I replied laughing. She responded excitedly with, " You're him! You're God. The creator God of Earth". I was extremely confused and told her she wasn't making any sense. I thought she was going mad. She proceeded to say, " Everything in the world, including all of the animals and people in it, are a byproduct of you. We are part of your mind, experiencing itself... Even yourself right now". It all made sense, it just sounded crazy. "Try this. Create in front of you a basket of the most beautiful fruits in the world, know who you are while doing it". She said still smiling. I started imaging a basket of beautiful fruits. I put all of my intent on that basket in my head. To my surprise it started to just create itself into existence. I was completely shocked. She then says, "no matter how hard I try, I can't create that basket unless you think about me making that basket". She stared intently on the table next to my basket. "now put your thought on me creating" Withing a few seconds, a second basket appeared. She hugged me smiling and then I heard a few words echo in my head I couldn't make out. I awoke with the feeling of her wrapped around me.