terorist attack

Date: 6/19/2017

By haryanto212

i was back at high school. but with my office friend. i was make a vote with my classmate what we should buy for smack. suddenly president obama appear at our room, bleeding. we said what hapen? he said there is terrorist attack at this building. and the secret service is negotiating a way out for president and the students. and i look out to the corridor, the terrorists gang were face to face with secret services agents discussing something. suddenly my friend stephano get out with ak47 and shooting to the terrorist group. everything went chaos then, the terrorist went to rampage kill, kill as much as they can. we immediately run, when we wat go downstair to make front gate, they cut our way. so i ran to the rooftop. hope i can hide there untill the army come and wipe out the terrorist. i wait and then a girl come she is in fear. she said the terrorist trying to rape other girl. i want to fight them back but i dont have weapon. and shit, one of them saw us at rooftop. we then run through parking lot and i try stole one car, i think with a big suv i can ram trhough them. when i try to steal a car, a boy appear, he join us. then we drive our way to exit gate, ram their birder line with this car, and we were save. the anti terrorist force keep us then, take us to ambulance. i said "sir there is still a lot of students back there, and the president" and then i wake up