My Girlfriend cheated on me

Date: 2/25/2019

By tylerrios01

So A little backstory before the dream. This is the first ever serious serious relationship I’ve been in and I was also the first relationship I’ve ever been cheated on in. In real life that is. so the dream is I’m with my friends and they tell me and asked if I know that my girl has been cheating on me. I told him no and I proceed to ask how they know. Details are a little foggy of how they knew but I just remember that it was a good enough reason to believe them. I then go to tech text my girlfriend and ask her if this is all true. She explains to me that yes it is and it’s because when we took a break from when she cheat on me in real life she was very upset and didn’t know who to go to so she had sex with someone else. Of course when I was talking to at first it was over text but eventually through the dream I was driven to her house so I could talk to her in person. I don’t know if I’m having these dreams because I’m insecure or because my subconscious knows that she’s doing it again. It’s just making my mental out of whack and I’m very stressed out because it.