Bullshit crying fucked up crap

Date: 4/29/2017

By AlleyCat833

It was this crazy fucking thing and I just ugh I remember just ugh ok whatever. So i don't really remember the chronological order of things, but I know there were like two separate parts. The first one which was much less just UGHHHH was in this house castle apartment place? Me and my mom were like living as guests? Idk. Anyway it was this giant place but like 80% of it was so non aesthetic like srsly a room with no windows and fluorescent lights ugh please god no. We were trying to find a nice place to eat breakfast and we sorta did? But we weren't allowed to go there cause the owners told us not to so like fuck, right? And my dad was also there but it was so annoying I was trying to get away from him but whatever. And for some reason I was also on a Dragon at some point and jumped off and the house was on this like cliff mountain thing and just what the fuck??? Ok but that dream wasn't the one that freaked me the fuck out like Jesus Christ the next one fuckiiiiinh hell what even is it?? Anyway so I was in this class or something with Daniel?? And idk we were sitting next to each other and he was being nice and chill and I thought hey maybe he isn't such a fucking douchebag. And idk how but he fell asleep on my shoulder like what the even fucking hell we were is some lecture bullshit and I was like oh shiiiiit. I can't be getting a crush on this fucker can I but guess fucking what I was and I got FUCKED IN THE ASS. Not literally of course but yeah. And idk what happened but I think I told him I liked him?? And suddenly Stanley and a buncha guys and girls were also there and they were laughing at me. Daniel said that he was just faking all that nice shit and talking to me to see if I actually liked him and would confess if he acted like he liked me too which was like fuuuucking hell. Then everyone started calling me names saying that I was useless worthless dumb pathetic and I was like hell fucking no and the part that was just ugh. It was fucking realistic like shit might actually happen irl. So anyway I was in this corner and Stanley came up to me and said that I was a fucking loser that was weak and couldn't do anything right and I was mad I was say fuck you and "like I give a shit" and I turned my back to him but he kept talking and other people kept shouting and I was mad I was so fucking mad but then idk that anger just turned to sadness?? I started to cry. Not like flat out crying but I was saying stop it you fucking fuck what is your problem and I just got hiccups and tears came out and I could feel my face turning red and fuuuuuuck. And Stanley was like oh shiiiit she fucking cried. And I was like bitch if you tell imma smack yo face. And he was like Hahha you think I'm afraid?? Like I give a shit about what you gon do. And he told people and at first they were like oh shit she cried but then they came over and were like hahaha you pathetic fuck crying over a boy? Crying over being called names? You sensitive little bitch I was so fucking freaked just what the even fuck and I thought to myself that at least I wasn't the first girl to cry in our class then idk. I guess I woke up. Thank fucking god.