Standing on Loyalty

Date: 4/15/2017

By Fitful

I am working for the government, a government unrecognizable to those I'm familiar with, and I'm conducting an investigation. Mostly I'm a glorified hound, trying to track down this uber criminal. He's like the Joker on crack. Less distruction more sick and elusive. I'm conducting this investigation in a dinky apartment building in the city, and what I don't notice, but do find out later there is a hole drilled through my ceiling, a tiny peep hole fit to peer through and hear through. The daughter of this man is spying on me, as I search for him. After a while of thwarted efforts I catch her. She is in my custody in that apartment room for a while. I like her a a bit. She is in poor healthy but learned and funny. She's got this innocence, this I haven't grown up yet thing, and I feel protective of her. I leave one time and I come back and she's gone. I'm upset for all of a minute until I realize she just took the next room. I spy another hole this time in the wall. She's still spying on me, as I search for her father. Still loyal to him. I feel sad, she lives like an animal, a homeless girl, in this little room. I let her stay there, giving her the impression of freedom and keeping an eye on her. Soon it becomes apparent her father is there with her. Instead of taking him in tho, he is very good at manipulating me. He realizes my interest in her right away. They are both sickly, barely able to function, barely able to walk. He's got a lot of medicines he stole (from the government) and he shoots them both up with them. Red liquids in glass tubes, like the ones blood is drawn in. He's got a lot of books there too. Some are hers, fantasies, dark ones like with vampire romances and stuff. I want to give her a book. I have a feeling if she read it she would wake up, but he's practically holding her hostage. She's sleeping and I ask him if I could take her into the living room for 2 hours and read to her. "Just two hours" I say, "I just want to spend time with her." I am honest and not trying to pull anything. I just want her to become more enlightenened and stop this blind loyalty. He grins this Joker grin (without the white make up/red smile) and pulls out a hot air balloon. It's deflated but a legit one, a dark green in color like a military version. He tosses it out the window up onto the roof. I can see the idea, he means for us to read in the hot air balloon where he'd have all the control. (he would hang onto the string of course). I am willing to do anything to be with her, I am utterly taken by this girl. I don't think she knows or care tho but she is so sick and depressed too she just doesn't care about anything. But instead of blowing up the balloon, or however you do with hot air balloons, we all go out of the apartment and get into his car, me in the front passenger seat. He drives us, and I am again complying because of the girl. It's almost like I have thrown in my allegiance with hers, except I know if I keep up close contact I can bring him in eventually, any time actually. I just need to rescue her first. He knows this too and he's yanking me around. We get into this nice maroon Jeep thing. I don't know cars but it's a lesbian car. I know that. And he's driving like a mad man, over the cars all lined up in traffic on the streets, there are actually cars which crash into us, roll over us, due to his driving but he keeps it up. Eventually we get to where I work, the home base of the government of this city. This city is amazing actually, it reminds me of New York City but not really. The buildings are all Victorian and tall, skyscrapers like in a futuresque world. I had a thought in the car, for a bit I was in the backseat with her watching her sleep. I knew I was going to have to let her grow up. I couldnt take the teacher/lover/leader role with her. I could be with her, but I couldn't let her use me like she used him. She would have to grow up and soon, she was so immature. Not young like a child, she was around 23, but I just felt ancient in comparison. We go underground, infiltrating my job, the gov. I know my job is to bring him in but I keep it up with them anyway. My loyalties have been established. Underground, deep under ground, we find ourselves locked in. There was a hostage situation deeper into the plant, and a whole group of scientists and a school trip was taken hostage by some group opposing the government. We are perusing a garden at the time we find this out. Not wanting to be recognized we infiltrate the group being held hostage. We pass by these flowers. They are the origins of their race, and they manifest as people, as satyrs. Not Joker used to work for the government. The origin of the lotus recognizes Not Joker and cringes and shakes in fear, opening his mouth to give us away, but because we are pretending to be hostages all Not Joker does is leave the satyr a lamp. It's supposed to be a funny racist joke towards Asians. Further into the underground we come to these unusual plants in the ground. Above ground in a nice park these things are popped up flush with the grass in different colors. Families lounge in the park and a mother is showing her daughter one. She says if you sing to them they do something. I am drawn to a black one and I start to sing.