Old friend becomes a priest????

Date: 8/19/2019

By VenusNight

Had a dream that I was a texting someone who I used be really close with. It was really different texting her now because it had been so many years. I was more serious then silly texting her but I remember so badly wanting to be able to talk with eachother like we used to. I mentioned to my mom that she really liked kids and she suggested that she becomes a priest so she could baptise my cousin. I talked to my old friend about and she told me she'll think about ________________________________________ Parts of dreams I remember but Idk when it happened: -there was like a list that appeared as if I was looking at a computer screen and nothing else and it showed different things my friend could become based off my mom's suggestion -Somehow was able to her texting a bunch of other people and I just got jealous for idk what reason